About Us

Southbridge Fellowship is a church in Raleigh, NC focused on connecting people to Jesus for life change.

It began when about 40 people gathered to talk about what it would look like to plant a church in Raleigh. From the start, Southbridge was called to be an outwardly-focused church. The mission is to proclaim the gospel of Christ so that others would be connected to Jesus for life change. Since that time, Southbridge has seen hundreds of lives change. Marriages have been restored. Addictions have been broken. People have come to Jesus for the first time and people have returned to Christ.

Our Values

Encounter the Living God

Real life change can only take place as people encounter the Living God. This involves an increasing awareness of His presence throughout the day and in the details of life. Genuine worship is a result of seeing God accurately and responding appropriately. God desires a lifestyle of worship from each of His followers.

Embrace One Another

Life was not meant to be lived alone. God’s plan is for His people to be intentional in their relationships. To live out His plan, we must truly get to know one another. He has designed us to live in authentic relationships with each other. This means to love one another, carry one another’s burdens and rejoice with one another.

Engage Our World

Each believer has a mission for his or her life to reach a lost world. It was so important that it is stated at the end of each Gospel and in the beginning of Acts. As followers of Jesus, we are His witnesses to the life change He has done in us. We have a huge responsibility to share the love of Jesus Christ to a lost world.