Small Groups

Life change happens in relationship with others.

Our vision is to encourage people to be the church, not just attend one. This moves church out of a single building and into the community as group members live out the gospel with one another. In Acts 2 and 4, we read that Jesus’ followers shared their life together. They worshipped, met in homes, prayed, and studied the apostles teaching of Christ.

Small groups provide weekly opportunity to live out our core values of encountering God, embracing the one another’s of Scripture and engaging our world. Small groups meet at various times and locations.

If you would like to receive the weekly small group study guide via email, please contact the church office at [email protected]

Groups Expo

Through out the year, we host an event called Group Expo. The goal is to connect you with a small group where you can experience authentic community. The Expo gives you the opportunity to meet different small group leaders and find a group in your area.

Childcare FAQs


I don’t have childcare, and the group I want to join doesn’t provide it.


Across our many diverse small groups at Southbridge, folks have come up with creative solutions.

  1. Contact the group leader(s). You never know what creative solutions they may have come up with!
  2. Hire a sitter for the group to come to the host’s house. Every parenting team can chip in to cover the cost per child.
  3. Have a trusted family member watch the children.
  4. Hire a sitter to stay at home with children on group night.
  5. Alternate hosting each week, and have someone sign up for childcare (an older child, a neighbor, a friend).
  6. Bring the children (this works well with school-age children) to model group fellowship for them. When adult time begins, have the children split off for their own fellowship time.
  7. Trade off childcare with friends from another group that meets a different night of the week. This is a great way to share the load with one another.
  8. Ask a trusted teen who needs volunteer hours (National Honor Society, childcare experience, or other volunteer credit hours).
  9. Contact other local churches, ministries (such as BSF, YoungLife, Cru, MOPS, or other bible studies), and/or seminaries (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary). Many students are looking for extra cash and have weeknight availability.
  10. Ask your friends, neighbors, and volunteers at church. You never know until you ask! If they can’t help, perhaps they know of someone who can. Building these relationships and connections only helps grow our church family and expand our influence.


I’m new to the area and/or we don’t have family nearby. How can I find a trusted sitter for our childcare needs?

  1. Contact the group you’re interested in joining (a list of open groups can be found here) and ask the group leader(s) what options they use or recommend for childcare.
  2. Contact us here if you’re interested in a list of sitters who have been vetted and may be available to come to your house during group time. Rates may vary, and availability may depend on locale and demand.


I am willing to leave my children with a trusted sitter, but I can’t afford to pay weekly.


This is a great opportunity for other group members with children to share the burden with one another. Many sitters charge per hour, or per child, so the cost can be divided among parents.

Contact us here if you’re interested in a list of sitters who may be available.

Become a Leader

Interested in leading a small group? Email us at [email protected]

Leader Resources