Journey to the Holy Land with Scott + Shanna Lehr

Scott Lehr   -  

We last visited Israel with a group from Southbridge in March 2020. As the city of Raleigh was shutting down, I had my wife, Shanna, record that Sunday’s sermon on my phone from the Desert of En Gedi. It was an unforgettable experience! En Gedi is near Masada and the Dead Sea (we go to these spots too). It is also where David wrote one of my favorite Psalms, (Psalm 63). You can read about En Gedi here.

Israel has opened back up to welcome travelers, and they do NOT require vaccinations.

I would love for you to join us on the journey of a lifetime as we explore the land of the Bible, June 4-13, 2023. We will follow in the footsteps of Jesus and his disciples as we travel through the Holy Land, where our Messiah lived and worked miracles. Watch the Scriptures come to life as you visit places like Bethlehem, Jericho, the Mount of Olives, the Sea of Galilee, and Jerusalem. Float in the Dead Sea, discover Masada, and gaze upon the Valley of Armageddon. This trip will be an incredible spiritual experience that will forever change how you read, study, and understand the Scriptures. Reserve your spot today!

If you are interested in joining us, you can find more information here: Israel with Scott and Shanna Lehr

The final day to register is March 15, 2023.


Can you invite a friend?
Yes. In fact, on the last trip, a Southbridge member brought a friend they had been sharing Jesus with for years. On one of the bus rides, the gentleman trusted Christ. I was able to baptize him in the Jordan River, and now he and his wife are members of Southbridge. Bring anyone God lays on your heart (including teens). I can introduce you to him on a Sunday if you want to hear more of his story.

What about kids?
We plan to bring two of our teens on this trip. I doubt it would be enjoyable with a newborn on the bus or in the heat of Masada, but you will have to judge the maturity and value of your kids coming. We definitely welcome young people.

Is there a lot of walking?
Yes, there is a lot of walking. On an average day, we will walk three-five miles.

Can I book my own flights?
Yes, however, I suggest you select the trip plan that includes airfare so that you have Signature Tours to assist you if there are any issues at the airport. If you want to use miles or believe you can find a less expensive flight or have some other scenario, you can select the ground-only option. If you want to upgrade to business or first class, I suggest emailing Signature Tours, as their upgrade cost could be less than you would get on your own.

Does the cost of the trip cover everything?
Most of your meals are covered but bring some spending money in case you get a craving for pizza, you want a snack of ice cream, or want a souvenir (we will talk more about where to buy and not buy stuff when we get there).

Can I talk to someone from Southbridge who went last time?
Yes, email, and we will connect you with someone from the last trip. Let me know if you prefer to speak with someone who was concerned about the walking, someone who traveled alone without a spouse or teen, someone who was not already a Southbridge member, or someone who wasn’t even a Christian, and we will get you to the appropriate person. Everyone from the last trip would love to tell you about their experience.

Scott, you didn’t answer my question. Who do I ask?

  • Signature Tours can answer 99% of your questions. You can reach them at
  • Otherwise, come see me on a Sunday after service or email the church at, and we will get you the information you are looking for.


The final day to register is March 15, 2023.