<H2>What Is A Small Group?</H2>

What Is A Small Group?

Small groups are a place to connect relationally and grow spiritually. It is an intentional gathering of individuals working together to become fully devoted followers of Jesus while developing authentic Biblical friendships. Whether you’re a man, woman, mother, father, student, husband, wife, single, or in any other stage of life, we have opportunities for you to connect with others in a group.

<h2>Why Should I Join A Small Group?</h2>

Why Should I Join A Small Group?

Groups provide an environment to be loved, to love others, and to learn from others at different stages of life and process in their faith journey. Not only will you make friends, but you will also be able to ask the hard questions about Christianity and know you are accepted. You may want to visit several groups before deciding on the right group for you. That’s okay. We are thankful you are here and interested in getting connected at Southbridge.

Find The Right Group For You

Small groups meet in locations all over RDU at various times throughout the week. Search through our open groups by clicking below.

If you have additional questions about finding a group, contact Pastor Dave at