Understanding God’s Role in Old Testament Violence

Scott Lehr   -  

As you study books in the Old Testament, you may find yourself contemplating some heavy questions about the violence you read about and God’s role in it. Below is a list of resources to help you process and better understand what’s happening in these Old Testament stories and God’s role in them.

Why Did God Command the Invasion of Canaan?
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Judges for You (Book)
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Violence Against the Canaanites in Deuteronomy and Joshua Reconsidered
Biola University

Why Did God Command the Israelites to Completely Destroy the Midianites in Numbers 31:17?
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Why Did God Condone Such Terrible Violence in the Old Testament?
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How Could God Command Genocide in the Old Testament?
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Did God Really Command Genocide? Coming to Terms with the Justice of God
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