Pastor Brad’s Sabbatical Info

Elder Team   -  

In 2019, the elders and pastoral leadership team at Southbridge instituted a Sabbatical Policy for the pastors of our church. This policy states that pastors are eligible for up to eight weeks of sabbatical (time off and away from the routines of normal ministry) every seventh year of continuous service. Southbridge employs several pastors who have faithfully served our church for over seven years.

Over the past two years, Pastor Scott and Pastor Jon took well-deserved sabbaticals. This summer, Pastor Brad Altice, our Family Pastor, will take a sabbatical beginning July 25 and ending September 19. We are grateful for the leadership and contributions of Brad and his wife, Hollie, over the last 11 years. They will disconnect from their day-to-day duties at Southbridge during those two months.

This sabbatical aims to provide an opportunity for them to rest and recharge for the next season of ministry here at Southbridge. This time away will also encourage his family as they continue to pursue the Lord in all the great things He is doing in their midst. We thank God for Brad and Hollie, and we pray that the Lord will use this time to grow them closer to Christ and each other.

  • Pray that this will be a time of rest and refreshment.
  • Pray that God will use this time to encourage and strengthen Pastor Brad and his family.
  • Pray for our elders, pastoral staff, and staff team as they take on additional responsibilities while Pastor Brad is on sabbatical.

What is a sabbatical and does Southbridge value sabbaticals for their pastors? Read the sabbatical FAQ article linked below.