Get To Know The Bakers

The Baker family, Nathan, Tessa, and their kids Chyella and Jairus, serve in Southwest Madagascar. Nathan and Tessa met in Madagascar in 2011, serving on an IMB team with the Waller family. They returned to the USA in 2013, married, and joined Southbridge while they attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

They’ve been back in Madagascar as a family since 2017, though they returned to the US for 9 months in 2019 to help Tessa’s family care for her father.

Prayer Requests

God is doing amazing things in Madagascar. The Bakers serve alongside local congregations as they serve their people and reach into new areas. They're town, Toliara, is a hub for five people groups of Southwest Madagascar: the Bara, the Mahafaly, the Masikoro, the Tandroy, and the Vezo. Please join them in praying for the local churches that serve these people groups.

• Perseverance and encouragement for the pastors and leaders
• All who receive teaching to pass it on faithfully
• God's leading for the leaders about which areas to go next
• God's Spirit to bring conviction and encouragement

Please continue to pray with them that we would be faithful to what He's called them to as a family and that God would soften the hearts of those in Madagascar who haven't yet trusted Christ. Praise God for His many faithful believers in Madagascar, and pray that they would continue to grow and share their faith.