What Is Southbridge Connect?

Southbridge Connect serves as Southbridge Fellowship’s online community. As we continue to grow, it is important that we maintain close relationships within the church. Southbridge Connect allows for people within Southbridge to connect easily.


What Can I Do On Southbridge Connect?

Southbridge Connect helps connect you to our church. You can give online, search for a small group, and post or find out about needs within our church community. Our leaders and volunteers can communicate schedules and share different ministry needs if you serve on a team. 

Whether it’s your small group, the teams you serve with, or the next class you’re looking to attend, Southbridge Connect helps organize everything for you.


How Do I Join Southbridge Connect?

To create an account, click below. A volunteer will be waiting, ready to assist you. Once you sign up online, you will need to accept the invitation to join via email. From there, you can then create a profile and connect to almost anyone that is part of Southbridge. If you already have an account, you click login.